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Yes, we build more than just log homes.


Please CONTACT us for your general construction needs, either residential or commercial.  We can provide turnkey site preparation and building construction throughout New England. 

A Testimonial ...

We are pleased to have an opportunity to write a testimonial for Chip Maynard and Orwell Construction. 

When we decided to build a seasonal log home in update New York , we interviewed five different companies.  From the outset Chip Maynardís Orwell Construction stood out from all the others. Chip impressed us at the very first meeting by his high degree of professionalism, his depth of experience in constructing log homes in the winter under often adverse conditions, his thoroughness in developing a budget and work schedule, to which he adhered throughout the project, and the rapport that we established with him. 

It was critical for us to find a contractor in whom we had total confidence and with whom we could easily and frequently communicate.  Since our home was being built in upstate New York and we resided in Virginia , we had to be sure we had a contractor who could work closely with us on the details of design and construction despite the distance.  Chip not only met our expectations, but far exceeded them. 

Throughout the entire building phases of the project, from obtaining the necessary permits from the local zoning authorities and the Lake George Park Commission, to excavation, land clearing and building the log home, Chip Maynard, was personally involved in all stages of the project and was attentive to every detail to ensure that the log home would last for generations. We communicated mostly by e-mail and Chip was always prompt to respond to all our inquiries.

The engineering phase of the project was complex and required Chip's extensive experience and engineering background to be sure that the engineering plans were followed to the letter and would not require unnecessary consultations with the engineering firm, which would have added to our budget.

Chip's attention to detail and craftsmanship gave us peace of mind that all aspects of the construction would be done at the highest level. Orwell Construction kept the project on schedule and completed the project in time for us to enjoy a real jewel with our family within eight months after the start of the project.

Chip's stellar reputation in the industry and with local inspectors gave us the reassurance we needed.  We are immensely pleased with all aspects of the work performed for us by Orwell Construction, and we enthusiastically give Orwell Construction the highest possible recommendation.

Robert and Tatiana Berls

Annandale , Virginia



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